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I create streams on the fly tied to a id on the chip, such as ESP8266 which becomses the component name (some random number).
I believe I read that one of the streams is created additionally by GS for housekeeping or other reasons, I can't remember. I'm ok with that, but I notice it creates an entry every 10sec.
Since this takes up storage space on GS, I'm wondering how the billing might work. ie. will I get billed for the space. I ask because I want to take advantage of that to store a control value (for rsid) and not have to create an additional stream (cheap guy, me). I may change the control value once in a while, but the stream is creating entries every 10 sec.
I tried disabling the cycle but doesn't accept.
I haven't tried deleting the stream, because I want this "on the fly" to work without intervention.
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Originally Posted by fixingthingsguy
it creates an entry every 10sec
- what do you mean by this? Is it creating a stream, a sample, overwriting a sample?

GS doesn't charge by storage. Our old billing plan charged by the stream. Our current billing plans charge by the amount of data moving in and out of the platform per month.
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Thanks for your question. What I meant by "entry" for the stream was that line items were being created every 10 sec as below:
"start time", "end time", "value".

It turns out I made an error; inadvertently, and probably coincidentally using an update every 10 sec that made me think that the "base cycle" had something to do with it. No error, GS stream creation is working as specified. And the stream works well as a receptacle for my control parameter that I retrieve and update using 'rsid'.

My question about being charged is now irrelevant, since no "entries" are created by GS, only by my software as needed.

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