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Digi Device Cloud allows developers to create an HTTPS or HTTP connection between the Device Cloud server and another web server, which may be a GroveStreams server, via their HTTP Monitor framework.

Digi HTTP Monitor Connection Example for GroveStreams:

* monTrasnportType: Use either http and https. You can append ?compTmplId=your_component_template_id onto the end of the URL to utilize component templates.
* monTrasnportToken (uid/pwd) is ignored by GS so put anything in there like x:x.
* monTransportUrl: Place your GS secret api key in this url between dgi and data.
* monCompression: We support gzip compression. Not sure what Digi is doing. You can try with and without compression to see if it works.

We built a Digi gateway on our servers that accepts data arriving in the Digi Cloud format.

Our Digi gateway logic queues up PUTs and blasts them into GS every 10 seconds so it will take a few seconds for your sample to arrive in GS. We do this to respect the GS 10 second upload limit per source IP. The source IP is a Digi Cloud Server.

Your component will land under the Components folder in Observation Studio. Refresh that folder to see if it has registered.

After the component registers, you can rename things, create events, and visualizations.
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I just found this (was looking for something else). I may have to change my whole Digi implementation now. Are you running this in a connectport?
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This accepts data from the Digi cloud.

You can configure your Digi cloud account to push data into GS via the instructions above. So, I assume, any device that pushes into the Digi cloud can use the above.
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