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Latest Changes MikeMills 128 7 daysMikeMills (130): * Added the ability to apply expressions to import values:
Smartthings and monoprice motion sensor sykocus 2 4 daysMikeMills (130): Usually GroveStreams will automatically create the component and stream for you. But, the log message is indicating that it is not creating it automatically. Don't know why. You can still create them manually and see if the data flows into them. Create a new component: * Right click on the Components folder and select new component. Give it a Name and set the ID to "Z-Wave Plus Motion/Temp Sensor" * Right click on the component...
Assistance reading sensors on system lucianosanchez 6 6 dayslucianosanchez (1): Thanks for that Mike. I will check that out and try to implement into my code tonight. Steve, thank you for your input. Although I did not understand much of the technical terms in your post, I can probably re-read all of it a couple times and understand exactly what you did. Thank you for the code, I will also be reviewing that and see if I can figure out how to fix this. You will probably hear back from me soon with additional questions...
How to DS18b20+arduino homerruma 5 6 dayssteveb (7): try this it's also dragging back several old memories. I had to use low level string concatenations to avoid older arduinos from running out of RAM when making the grovestreams post I solved a great deal of problems here - the app now needs a mega to run on because of the memory requirements of the webserver part but you may be able to block this out. In...
API to enable a trigger pat 4 14 daysMikeMills (130): Yes, the whole definition.
Unable to updating feed johnsinha 2 19 daysMikeMills (130): "SESSION_EXPIRED" usually indicates a problem with the api_key. Ensure it is the correct key. Ensure it is getting placed onto the URL correctly. If you are not getting any system notifications in your GS organization, then I would guess the URL is malformed or the api_key on the URL is malformed.
error trying to delete stream data dmarks 2 1 monthMikeMills (130): There should be a System notification that includes the exception call stack. Can you post that too?
Missing separator in request header. seckford 3 1 monthseckford (7): Not as far as I can tell; what is even odder is that I've now found that if I change my router, the call works correctly. I'll keep digging, since I really want to retain the original router. Thanks for the ideas - C W Rose
Last Updated... dmarks 8 2 monthsMikeMills (130): We have logic in our code that prevents the Last Update date from being updated if the time of the sample is before the last sample (the tail of the stream). It sounds like all of your uploaded samples have time stamps later than the current tail of the stream so we don't know what's causing this. Not much we can do if we don't know the steps to reproduce this. We'll keep our eye on it. Maybe you or another user will have a reproducible test...
Bandwidth ctmorrison 6 2 monthsdmarks (1): Looking at the usage report, I notice there are hours missing. Does this mean there were simply no BYTES IN, BYTES OUT, Transactions or Notifications during that hour (ex 11:00-12:00p and 1:00-2:00p)?
Particle webhook HTTP HEADER ctmorrison 3 2 monthsctmorrison (10): Got it on the Connection:close. I'll add that to all my webhooks if it helps you folks. Thanks for the clarification. I don't use the application/json header, so I know it's not required. I simply didn't know if it was advisable for some reason. All of our parameters are passed via the URL at this time. It's just way easier to program that way. For what it's worth, I often build a text file in order to create my webhooks. I can then...
HTTP/1.1 trailing string seckford 4 2 monthsseckford (7): The trailing HTTP/1.1 is required by RFC 7230 section 3.1. I'm pretty sure the problem came in the move from an Arduino program in C, which sends the request string as it is composed, to a NodeMCU program in Lua which uses a slightly tricky API. I've finally come to terms with NodeMCU, and the GroveStreams component seems to be updating successfully with the HTTP/1.1 string attached. Thanks for your help - C W Rose
Stream data download bioagbob 15 3 monthsbioagbob (1): That works. Don't know why it wasn't enabled before. Thanks. This is great. The last helpful piece would be for it to estimate or warn how much data will be used before downloading.
How to add illuminance nathan909 2 3 monthsMikeMills (130): Engage GS API tracing to determine if the illuminance measure is being passed up to GS. In observation studio: Admin - API Keys - Select the key your using and engage tracing. Watch for System notifications (the envelope in the toolbar).
SMS Error ctmorrison 2 3 monthsctmorrison (10): Please ignore. I was not told the person had left his former position and likely was refusing SMS from GS.
Raspberry Pi sunnybird 2 3 monthsMikeMills (130): I haven't tried it, but I think they should work together. The Raspberry Pi just needs to make HTTP RESTful calls to GS and those shouldn't interfere with Domoticz.
Digi Device Cloud Data into GroveStreams MikeMills 3 3 monthsMikeMills (130): This accepts data from the Digi cloud. You can configure your Digi cloud account to push data into GS via the instructions above. So, I assume, any device that pushes into the Digi cloud can use the above.
needing to know location of a device ctmorrison 6 3 monthsctmorrison (10): Nice! Thanks for the clarification and confirmation. As I looked very close at the data we've been pushing and the coordinates shown on the map widget, it became apparent how the system is working.
Dashboard Widget Information Panes MikeMills 3 4 monthsjaume (1): According to this old post, Powered by Grovestreams link could be removed by default using custom branding. Is this feature implemented?
Download stream data hicaro 5 4 monthshicaro (1): That is great! I'll try that. Thank you for the help, Mike.
Derived Stream Auto-Recalculate MikeMills 1 4 monthsMikeMills (130): Derived streams now have the capability to auto-recalculate historical values whenever dependent historical values have been inserted, updated, or deleted. We've added an advanced configuration switch to enable this feature: This setting will be off for any existing derived stream. It will be on by default for any new derived stream. All derived samples from the...
Example to apply Time Filter JLS 2 5 monthsPigFarmer (1): Hi JLS - I have used time filters a lot in my application because water lines, etc don't run overnight but i didn't want alerts sent in the middle of the night. Anyway I think you do it this way: Its in the constraints tab in the stream. So open your derived stream and click on the Constraints tab. Select the time filter there. Then only the data that arrives or is calculated during that time you selected will be included in the...
How to identify device in GS API Alerts fixingthingsguy 4 5 monthsMikeMills (130): "The feed PUT rate limit algorithm is a little forgiving as it actually checks for more than 12 calls within a two minute period." -
Timing of derived streams ctmorrison 7 5 monthsctmorrison (10): OK. I see the error in how I was looking at things. When I double-click on the component and see all the streams, the timestamp I'm seeing is the "Last Updated Date" which is not indicative of the actual timestamp on the stream's data being displayed. However, if I go into each stream, I can see the actual timestamps on each data point and they do, in fact, match across all derived streams and the stream data from which they are...
APP for Android jsanchezi 2 5 monthsMikeMills (130): Depends on what you mean by app. The typical workflow today is to use Observation Studio from a PC where it is easier to do modeling because of bigger monitors and the use of a mouse (drag and drop and such). Users design dashboards within Observation Studio that are phone and tablet friendly. Users then access those dashboards from mobile devices via the Start Page or from a shared URL. Does that answer your question?
Mobile dashboard Avocadodude 7 5 monthsAvocadodude (1): Thanks for the quick patch. Works perfect!
[Question]Gauge Widget Customization Feature SAM 4 5 monthsMikeMills (130): This has been applied. Do an F5 to pickup the new changes.
[Question] Help in Model Development SAM 13 5 monthsMikeMills (130): You might want to try the new Pivot table and graphs. You could use the pivot table to view the top hours and graph them.
Elapsed time pat 2 6 monthsMikeMills (130): Try my last suggestion in this thread. Once you have a stream that is calculating duration, its rollup information will be available automatically (SUM-Hour, SUM-Day, SUM-Month, SUM-Year) for alerts, derivation, and dashboarding.
Pivot Table Beta MikeMills 3 6 monthsMikeMills (130): Fixed many issues related to Pivot charts.
SMS sometimes arrives as several messages MikeMills 1 6 monthsMikeMills (130): I was working with a customer around the issue of certain GroveStreams SMS messages arriving as several messages. The messages seemed to be under 160 characters but were still being split into multiple messages. I decided to write up what I discovered so that others are aware of SMS size limitations. GS uses a 3rd party company, Twilio, to send SMS text messages. They are good at what they do and can SMS to almost any country in the...
Roles in PUT org_user hicaro 4 6 monthsMikeMills (130): Yes, it is created by default for every new organization.
Last updated in dashboard bioagbob 3 7 monthsbioagbob (1): Thanks Mike. You always have it. I just needed to find it! :)
Multiple component streams from 1 code? Ex33 6 7 monthsEx33 (1): Never mind, i got it to work already, didnt see the link mike posted.
Sum of stream over long period of time ctmorrison 2 7 monthsMikeMills (130): Glad you found a way! The time is displayed in compact format by default. Compact format will trim off the year, month, day if the time is the current day. You can change that behavior in your user profile (click your name):
A Fresh New Look for GroveStreams MikeMills 16 7 monthsMikeMills (130): @ctmorrison - We have confirmed and are fixing all three. Thanks!
SMS with accents pat 2 7 monthsMikeMills (130): Yes. Accents and special chars will work with the next website update.
Historical tracking pat 4 7 monthsMikeMills (130): Can't put a date on it, but you're the second customer to ask for it so that makes it a higher priority than most items. If it looks like it will generate significant revenue or a customer is willing to help pay for it, then we'd slam it in before other enhancements.
Interactive button pat 4 7 monthsMikeMills (130): That is possible today. Do this: 1) Create a stream on your component and call it something like "Command Stream". It can be a Point or Regular stream. 2) Create a "Value "Arrival" event for that stream on the same component 2a) Have the Event reference an Action Package that has an HTTP action in it. Setup the HTTP action to do your PUT or POST. 3) Create a dashboard with a Stream Feed Form widget. Have the widget...
Color-coded components based on alarm status Maggie 4 8 monthsMaggie (1): That's exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.
MQTT vs API POST ctmorrison 2 8 monthsMikeMills (130): It's on the road map, but we're waiting for someone to request it before we dedicate resources to it. So far, no one has requested it. CoAp is another protocol. There are some advantages. Search the web for "advantages of mqtt over http"
Chart Data Labels MikeMills 1 8 monthsMikeMills (130): Added the ability to display series data labels to charts: Edit the widget and set Data Labels to true on the data series:
Event didn't fire ctmorrison 3 8 monthsctmorrison (10): I'll fall on my sword publicly, too. I missed this morning's email message and the team member who pointed out he wasn't alerted had not be added to the email address list. My bad (I hate that saying!).
PUT with body string and multiple feeds pat 9 8 monthsMikeMills (130): Yes, just move the time JSON attribute to under each component: [code]{ "feed": { "component": [ { "comTmplId": "T1", "componentId": "Comp1", "time": [ 1464583381000 ], "stream": [ { "streamId": "tmp", "data": [ 19.3 ...
calculate time HSBSmartHome 7 8 monthsAvocadodude (1): Thanks Mike. I'll play around with the formula.
multiple components noxx 2 8 monthsMikeMills (130): All appear within the area being viewed in the map with the exception of the Track Map widget which will only track one component. Ensure you've set your component location: 1) Manually: Right click on the component and select Edit Component, click Location and click on the map to choose its location 2) Via GS API: Or you can upload the location of the component via the GS API calls ...
Need help with the setup to stream data Ex33 4 8 monthsEx33 (1): Thanks a lot guys! The Suggestions worked! Finally can get around with what i need to do now.
Graph widgets often don't display lines dmarks 3 8 monthsMThomas (1): I had a similar issue, I was on Google Chrome Version 50.0.2661.102 m. I was noticing the issue on dashboard charts. After I updated Chrome to Version 51.0.2704.63 m and cleared my cache, I haven't seen it occur again.
Event Hysteresis micl78 3 8 monthsMikeMills (130): @micl78 - I submitted a bit early and have edited the above post.
Derived Streams rdallen 4 8 monthsMikeMills (130): There are other "recipes" for this too. Let me know if you (or another user) need more derivation solutions.