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Latest Changes MikeMills 135 22 daysMikeMills (130): * Upgraded to Bing Maps v8 * Upgraded Web UI Toolkit to the latest version * Fixed Pivot table locking and outline bug * Added IDs to dashboard Widgets, component stream groups, component events, and Action Package Actions * Changed blueprint logic to use IDs for the above objects instead of hidden UUIDs. Hidden UUIDs had issues that could cause data loss when moving objects back and forth between two organizations
synch mult stream to single time series tabl micromet 4 5 daysmicromet (1): that worked, thanks
particle electron example for multiple vars micromet 6 14 daysMikeMills (130): 401 usually indicates an authentication error. I wonder if your large string was assembled incorrectly and GS couldn't parse out the api_key. GS allows for very large strings. Was there an error inside your GS Organization System notifications? If so, can you post it? If not, then GS couldn't extract the api_key from the URL or the URL was corrupt. Email me the api_key and I'll search our logs to see if it even made it to our servers and if...
Calculate value at specific time of day micl78 5 21 daysMikeMills (130): I just can't remember if the result will have a time of the beginning of the interval or the end of the interval. You still might want to use a DAY Interval stream for the derived stream.
Changing stream from "natural" to derived ctmorrison 3 22 daysctmorrison (10): Sweet! I assumed so, but I hate to assume.
Table Colors nsiegfried 2 26 daysMikeMills (130): This table's style can change:
Rollup not working ctmorrison 2 27 daysctmorrison (10): Deleting all time series data forced it to be regenerated and that seems to have solved the problem.
Dashboard Widgets Not Updating mks123 5 3 monthsmks123 (1): Good point Mike, I hadn't realised that the UI also uses I/O's. Thanks for a great, fast response and the good advice.
Widgets Graham 6 3 monthsGraham (1): Thanks
Inactive Component Delete phertel 2 3 monthsMikeMills (130): You can delete an entire component folder manually. You can hold the Ctrl key and select multiple components and delete that at the same time. You can't configure GS to automatically delete components based on when their streams have been updated. But you can write code that interacts with the GroveStreams RESTful API to do what you want:
Changing stream from "native" to derived... ctmorrison 2 3 monthsMikeMills (130): Yes, you can do that.
Component created, but error adding stream Avocadodude 7 3 monthsMikeMills (130): Patch applied. Hit F5 to refresh the browser.
Somewhat "missing" stream data ctmorrison 2 3 monthstomMorrison (1):'s not really missing, as I perceived. It's just that it's showing very old (first post?) as opposed to data missing. When I look at the component, I'm seeing a "Last updated" for that stream of months ago. Yet, if I double-click on the stream, I see recent data. Very strange....
Locking map widget ctmorrison 3 3 monthstomMorrison (1): OK. Perhaps that's the issue, but please consider this as a feature request on the backlog. I'm always signed in as an admin and the maps always get zoomed in/out and moved inadvertently. Thanks!
Having trouble with webhook,particle photon orbitcoms 4 3 monthsorbitcoms (1): Thanks for your response. I checked the publish and I had the topic set to "temp/1" but in webhooks I had event set to "Temperature". I changed event to "temp/1" and now I get no errors. Regards Dave
Shared Dashboard is blank seb62085 4 3 monthskinserc (1): Scott, I had the same problem. I found that my issue was because my browser had no access to ''. I am a special case.. I live behind the Great Firewall of China (everything google is filtered). But maybe my problem gives you some insight to solve your problem. Check your 'hosts' file : C:WindowsSystem32driversetc
MQTT vs API POST ctmorrison 9 4 monthskev (1): Mike, The request I had was similar to Jeppedy. MOXA was asking if the MQTT client was available on the receiving side (Grovestreams) to accept the data using this communication protocol.
Component not visible in Observation Studio johnsinha 3 4 monthsHemphy (1): <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <rss xmlns:dc="" xmlns:geo="" version="2.0"> <channel> <title>Sistema de Medidas</title> ...
Device commands Avocadodude 3 4 monthsAvocadodude (1): Thanks. Not quite what I was looking for, but a good tutorial and I like the concept. I need a more "real time" component control. I'm going to try the event editor and some HTTP calls.
how to assign component ( sensor) to user liaof4 2 4 monthsMikeMills (130): The "Pro" pricing plan allows you to secure items by user or user group. That would solve your user case. Right click on a folder or component, select "Propterties", and then select the security tab. If you are not on the Pro plan, then you can just create a separate organization for each user and have only their components in there.
Node Red implementation orbitcoms 2 4 monthsMikeMills (130): We don't support MQTT today but we may if enough users ask for it such as this thread just did. There are one or more GroveStreams node red adapters out there:
Emailing Reports Feedlogic 1 4 monthsFeedlogic (1): Want to send a Customer an email report generated off a dashboard once a day. Something like "export to excel and send". Anyone ever accomplished this?
Last sensor value dropped seckford 5 4 monthsseckford (7): Thanks for the explanation of API tracing, which I've never got to work before. I tinkered with what was being sent, and what was being received, and finally dug into the internals of the NodeMCU library which was sending the requests. It turns out that the library was helpfully attaching a number of useful (and undocumented) strings which for some reason didn't show up locally, or in the AP traces; once I'd got rid of them things started...
Dashboard widget Y axis seckford 4 4 monthsMikeMills (130): I'll add that if either or both of the axis min/max are left blank, they are automatically adjusted. So you can just set the min and leave the max blank and have it auto-set if that is what you need.
Internal Server Error 500 ctmorrison 5 4 monthsMikeMills (130): It does look like the underlying data structure in the store was corrupted. We've never seen that before. If you see it again, try and remember what you steps you did.
Error setting interval stream aggregation brianthebald 5 4 monthsbrianthebald (1): Got it! Thanks for walking me through it. Everything is working as intended now. Thanks again!
Deleting stream entries seckford 3 4 monthsseckford (7): Components => right click on selected stream => delete all time series stream data As far as I can tell, that's the only way to completely delete a streams contents, while keeping the stream. Will
Copying Entities to Other Organizations MikeMills 2 4 monthsMikeMills (130): Added Generate Missing IDs for Missing Entities to Organization export wizard: All exported items must have their IDs set now. The Export logic will set the IDs to random UUIDs if the above is enabled.
Changing up look and feel options ctmorrison 1 5 monthsctmorrison (10): I realize we have the capability to tweak the CSS style of the dashboard and widgets via the "Change Appearance" feature. I'm just checking to see if there's any other way to change the "theme" to "freshen up" the site visually. New line graph styles might be valuable for this. Yes, I fully realize this is a bit vague, but I'm being asked if we can freshen up the site to give the impression to our customers...
PUT with body string and multiple feeds pat 11 5 monthsMikeMills (130): - No - Yes
How to DS18b20+arduino homerruma 9 5 monthsfixingthingsguy (4): I am currently using an nodemcu-ESP8266 w/DS18B20 programmed using the Arduino IDE. There are examples in the IDE. As far as I remember I pulled in the .h files(including Dallas) as prescribed in the examples using the latest IDE (FYI, the Arduino team implemented changes that allow Arduino sketches to run on the ESP8266, works quite well with some understanding of the nodemcu ESP8266 device) The additions for GS are very similar to the Arduino...
Create Streams on the fly, billing question fixingthingsguy 3 5 monthsfixingthingsguy (4): Thanks for your question. What I meant by "entry" for the stream was that line items were being created every 10 sec as below: "start time", "end time", "value". It turns out I made an error; inadvertently, and probably coincidentally using an update every 10 sec that made me think that the "base cycle" had something to do with it. No error, GS stream creation is working as specified. And the...
Logout / re-authenticate? seckford 3 5 monthsseckford (7): That's fixed it. Thanks - Will
Push Live Stream Data to ThingSpeak MikeMills 1 5 monthsMikeMills (130): This posts describes how to forward GroveStreams stream data, as it arrives, to other systems such as ThingSpeak. It's similar to a webhook. This technique uses the GS Stream Value Arrival Event to make HTTP calls, in the format of the ThingSpeak API, to forward the information to ThingSpeak. Step 1 - Create the Value Arrival Event: 1) Right click on your...
Component not visible in Observation Studio johnsinha 1 5 monthsjohnsinha (1): When I try to create a Component from a Component Template, with the URI given below, it does not appear in the Observation Studio. I have altered the API key The URI is OK as I get a 200 OK response from the call
Problems adding streams to widgets dmarks 2 5 monthsMikeMills (130): I couldn't reproduce this. Can you reproduce it in one of your orgs and then send me the directions so that I can go in and see what's going on? My guess is that there is a java script error occurring and that corrupts things until a page refresh occurs.
Internal Server Error 500 johnsinha 4 5 monthsMikeMills (130): I was hoping the notification would contain the HTTP Body, but it did not. Here's what I think is happening: You're using the GS "All on the URL" Feed API. This requires that the HTTP body be empty. It appears your HTTP body has something in it since you're getting this error when the GS server tries to parse the body as JSON text: A JSONObject text must begin with '{' at character 8 Given that error, it appears the body is not JSON...
Smartthings and monoprice motion sensor sykocus 2 5 monthsMikeMills (130): Usually GroveStreams will automatically create the component and stream for you. But, the log message is indicating that it is not creating it automatically. Don't know why. You can still create them manually and see if the data flows into them. Create a new component: * Right click on the Components folder and select new component. Give it a Name and set the ID to "Z-Wave Plus Motion/Temp Sensor" * Right click on the component...
Assistance reading sensors on system lucianosanchez 6 5 monthslucianosanchez (1): Thanks for that Mike. I will check that out and try to implement into my code tonight. Steve, thank you for your input. Although I did not understand much of the technical terms in your post, I can probably re-read all of it a couple times and understand exactly what you did. Thank you for the code, I will also be reviewing that and see if I can figure out how to fix this. You will probably hear back from me soon with additional questions...
API to enable a trigger pat 4 6 monthsMikeMills (130): Yes, the whole definition.
Unable to updating feed johnsinha 2 6 monthsMikeMills (130): "SESSION_EXPIRED" usually indicates a problem with the api_key. Ensure it is the correct key. Ensure it is getting placed onto the URL correctly. If you are not getting any system notifications in your GS organization, then I would guess the URL is malformed or the api_key on the URL is malformed.
error trying to delete stream data dmarks 2 6 monthsMikeMills (130): There should be a System notification that includes the exception call stack. Can you post that too?
Missing separator in request header. seckford 3 7 monthsseckford (7): Not as far as I can tell; what is even odder is that I've now found that if I change my router, the call works correctly. I'll keep digging, since I really want to retain the original router. Thanks for the ideas - C W Rose
Last Updated... dmarks 8 7 monthsMikeMills (130): We have logic in our code that prevents the Last Update date from being updated if the time of the sample is before the last sample (the tail of the stream). It sounds like all of your uploaded samples have time stamps later than the current tail of the stream so we don't know what's causing this. Not much we can do if we don't know the steps to reproduce this. We'll keep our eye on it. Maybe you or another user will have a reproducible test...
Bandwidth ctmorrison 6 7 monthsdmarks (1): Looking at the usage report, I notice there are hours missing. Does this mean there were simply no BYTES IN, BYTES OUT, Transactions or Notifications during that hour (ex 11:00-12:00p and 1:00-2:00p)?
Particle webhook HTTP HEADER ctmorrison 3 7 monthsctmorrison (10): Got it on the Connection:close. I'll add that to all my webhooks if it helps you folks. Thanks for the clarification. I don't use the application/json header, so I know it's not required. I simply didn't know if it was advisable for some reason. All of our parameters are passed via the URL at this time. It's just way easier to program that way. For what it's worth, I often build a text file in order to create my webhooks. I can then...
HTTP/1.1 trailing string seckford 4 7 monthsseckford (7): The trailing HTTP/1.1 is required by RFC 7230 section 3.1. I'm pretty sure the problem came in the move from an Arduino program in C, which sends the request string as it is composed, to a NodeMCU program in Lua which uses a slightly tricky API. I've finally come to terms with NodeMCU, and the GroveStreams component seems to be updating successfully with the HTTP/1.1 string attached. Thanks for your help - C W Rose
Stream data download bioagbob 15 8 monthsbioagbob (1): That works. Don't know why it wasn't enabled before. Thanks. This is great. The last helpful piece would be for it to estimate or warn how much data will be used before downloading.
How to add illuminance nathan909 2 8 monthsMikeMills (130): Engage GS API tracing to determine if the illuminance measure is being passed up to GS. In observation studio: Admin - API Keys - Select the key your using and engage tracing. Watch for System notifications (the envelope in the toolbar).
SMS Error ctmorrison 2 8 monthsctmorrison (10): Please ignore. I was not told the person had left his former position and likely was refusing SMS from GS.