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Can anyone help me with this. I have not included the real mac address and api key for security reasons. This device has worked in the past. The setup has not changed (apart from moving to paid subscription) so this makes me doubly perplexed

[3] Done compTmplId=VOC-monitor
[4] Done compName=VOC-monitor
[5]- Done api_key=89e4dd37-7cd6-3a96-b226-6e8d7994c04c
[6]+ Done c00=1.313
Johns-MBP:~ johns$ {"message":"Session expired.","errCode":"SESSION_EXPIRED","success":false}
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"SESSION_EXPIRED" usually indicates a problem with the api_key. Ensure it is the correct key. Ensure it is getting placed onto the URL correctly.

If you are not getting any system notifications in your GS organization, then I would guess the URL is malformed or the api_key on the URL is malformed.
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