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I've observed a recurring problem when trying to update widgets on dashboards. If I add streams to one line graph widget and then try to add streams to another or go back into the first one, it will let me select the streams, but fails to add the streams to the widget. It seems to occur after I add multiple streams to a widget. Saving the dashboard does not help. Refreshing the page seems to help as I recall. I usually just switch to another organization and come back to the dashboard and I'm good for a few more changes.

This morning I added two streams to one line graph widget and tried to add two streams to another line graph on the same dashboard, but I could not add the streams to the second widget until I refreshed the page.

I'm using Chrome (current version) on a Mac (Sierra).

Well...this is ctmorrison, not dmarks. I didn't realize I was logged into the forum with a different account.
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I couldn't reproduce this. Can you reproduce it in one of your orgs and then send me the directions so that I can go in and see what's going on?

My guess is that there is a java script error occurring and that corrupts things until a page refresh occurs.
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