We've added the ability to customize date and time throughout GroveStreams. This allows users based in different countries to customize how they view dates and times.

1. Formatting is associated with each user. Edit your Profile to modify how you view date and times.
2. Click on the Date and Time Format tab.
3. Click this link for format codes and examples.

- Choose from existing formats in the drop-downs or enter a custom format.
- There are some views where there is no user profile but GS still needs to format the date and time. One example is embedded widgets. The viewer does not have to have a GS user account and profile. For these cases, we format the date as ISO8601 (2014/07/28) and the time as 24 hour if the browser timezone is non-USA. If it is USA, then we format the date as m/d/Y and the time as 12 hour am/pm. Date compacting will be defaulted to true for all timezones.