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Latest Changes MikeMills 164 3 monthsMikeMills (130): * Redeployed the above patch. The above patch deployment caused some functionality to be missing from Observation Studio. Fixed now.
Smartthings API errors TravCam 3 6 daysTravCam (1): Actually, my issue began on organization setup... I didn't have those API options because I apparently selected No Blueprint in advanced tab. Deleted my org and followed defaults and then the proper API options materialized... Thanks!
Display Last Sample Time Josephny 5 16 daysMikeMills (130): You can't edit it in the mobile site anymore? Did you attempt to edit it in the studio and save it? If so, it will corrupt the dashboard.
my esp8266 code doesn't work nab96 2 2 monthsMikeMills (130): Use GS API tracing to see if your call is even making it to your GS organization. Also, check your organization System Notifications for any errors. Our web server logs indicate that your call is not even making it to our web servers. This can indicate several potential problems: 1) Your URL is not formatted correctly. Trace it out to the debug console window and paste it into a URL validator website to ensure it is a valid URL. 2) Your board...
Uploading historical data via PHP JoEmbedded 2 2 monthsMikeMills (130): I think Unsupported Media type means the content-type header needs to be set. Try setting the header: content-type:application/json Here's a GS Python example:
ESP8266 PUT method doesn't work The_Doctor 4 2 monthssfm (1): can I have the code for uploading data with ESP8266, please?
Create component from Template crevicedweller 3 2 monthsMikeMills (130): To create a component with all of its known streams at the same time when a component makes its first call, just set the compTmplId parameter. If you want to create a new stream based on a template stream after a component has already been created use both of these parameters in the URL: dtId dsId From : These parameters are used to dynamically create streams for a component if they do not...
streamID name rules crevicedweller 5 2 monthscrevicedweller (1): That fixed it. I just replaced the spaces with a + character and it works. Thanks much.
ERROR: Could not locate matching endDate macedo123 16 2 monthsEwmgomes (1): Yes, I updated all cycle date.
Stream Data I/O blocked even though no data was sent Eugene 2 3 monthsMikeMills (130): All I/O is considered. This includes when you leave a dashboard open with a fast polling rate. See this thread: Email us at our info or support email address (include your GS account email address) and we'll reset you're data I/O so you can keep going.
Issue with rollup chart JChristensen 6 3 monthsJChristensen (1): Chart looks fine now. Thanks a bunch, Mike!
httpie PUT failed kevin 5 3 monthsMikeMills (130): I don't think we'll accept a x-www-form-urlencoded type. Maybe try not setting the content-type to see if anything will get through. Usually, 401 will indicate that your api_key is invalid or we can't parse the URL to get extract the api_key. But... I searched our server logs for "compId=Sensors&temp=24.5" and nothing came up so I don't even think the call is making it to our servers. Try it again with a compId to something...
Timestamp off Avocadodude 5 4 monthsAvocadodude (1): Thank you for all the help! There was a parameter in the Gateway called "Offset from GMT in minutes" and it was set to an odd value. I set it to '0' and all is good now and reads the correct time in my timezone.
Gap Filling Forward to Current Time MikeMills 3 6 monthsJLS (1): Thank you Mike, this worked great!
Modifing Arduino example template OldNerd 7 6 monthsMikeMills (130): Ensure that the value the device is passing up is compatible with the Stream Value Type. For example, it might be passing up "10.3 C" (as a string) and the stream has a value type of FLOAT. It won't be able to convert "10.3 C" to a float. It could convert "10.3". That could be why a reconcile is failing. Just a guess.
Historical tracking pat 12 7 monthspat (1): :eek: WHAT A BIG CHANGE ! Looks good and the time range works also with the map. I like it. :)
Component IDs must be unique pat 8 7 monthsMikeMills (130): Usually creating a component is fast - a few milliseconds, but you're creating it with a lot of streams so it could take longer like a second or two. Issues with the network between the device and GS could occasionally add time too.
Moving Averages Josephny 8 8 monthsJosephny (1): Well, I thought it worked because I didn't get the immediate error, but there's still a problem:
Digi Device Cloud Data into GroveStreams MikeMills 5 8 monthsAvocadodude (1): The timestamp in the DIA stream seems to be correct (PDT right now) for me. 04/23/18 09:50:20 AM
MAP like derivation function Avocadodude 3 8 monthsAvocadodude (1): Sorry, farm happened at I lost track of this. For me it's fairly common, mapping pressure transducer output to PSI. Not to sound selfish...
Reduce data consumption Henrik 2 8 monthsMikeMills (130): Maybe this thread will help: Big things: * decrease the data being uploaded/downloaded. Try making your device stream IDs short; instead of an ID of "temperature", try "t" . * Don't leave dashboards open with a fast refresh rate (like every 5 seconds). * Decrease the interval time the studio looks for new notifications (Org Studio - Admin -...
Read user only pat 2 8 monthsMikeMills (130): You can make Observation Studio read-only but it requires subscribing to the Business Pro or Enterprise pricing plan. Under those plans, a user can right click on folders, dashboards, maps, and components and configure the rights on them. One right is Read-Only. More information can be found here:
Help with a derivation Josephny 15 9 monthsMikeMills (130): Great - Thanks for posting the solution!
problem signing up with chrome ? bill38 2 9 monthsMikeMills (130): Try and do an F5 (refresh) a couple of times. We're having problems with captcha (I am not a robot) raising an exception and corrupting the page sometimes. We're looking into it.
Frequency of derivation engine ctmorrison 10 9 monthsMikeMills (130): Here's a graph of daily average derivation runtimes. Code improvements and adding more servers sped things up.
Incompatible streams ctmorrison 6 10 monthsctmorrison (10): Nice tip on telling the difference! I've always wondered if there was a way. They are, in fact, different types. I'm not sure why I wasn't consistent, but...
Value expression help Josephny 2 10 monthsMikeMills (130): Yes, possible. If you are asking to graph the daily amount Remaining this is how you can do it: - Edit the widget (click the menu button in its header) - On the first tab, select Range Type Heartbeat; View Last 30; - On the data tab, select the stream; Select Day for cycle; Select Last for the Statistic. This will cause the graph to display the ending % for each day - On the same data tab, select the stream; On the properties panel, edit...
Derivation of derivation pat 5 10 monthspat (1): OK understood. It works. Thank you
Special characters export pat 15 10 monthsMikeMills (130): Great!
Attempting to use Alexa to retrieve GS data fixingthingsguy 7 10 monthsfixingthingsguy (4): So here is a little more meaty stuff to guide you. Best to have the link I sent ( I entered this skill info as is: Extracted.... Every skill requires an intent schema with at least one defined intent. The following minimal schema is sufficient for a functional skill: { "intents": [ { "intent": "Help", "slots": [] } ] } Apparently intents need not include the word “intent” in...
Header not showing in Steel Series Single Avocadodude 3 11 monthsAvocadodude (1): Ok. I'll figure something else out. It does work in that widget if I feed it numerical value.
Smartthings and monoprice motion sensor sykocus 3 1 yearKylJoy (1): It worked for me to set the component ID to the device label from the Smartthings device as shown on the Smartthings develper site. Then, temp and motion streams auto-filled.
Issue with "connect gaps" JChristensen 4 1 yearJChristensen (1): Thanks, Mike. Makes perfect sense. My stream is just a regular stream, not an interval stream. Hope all is well at GroveStreams, Happy New Year!
Any way to filter a table? orbitcoms 2 1 yearMikeMills (130): Take a look at the pivot table widget too. It allows for some filtering and sorting. Filtering can also be done via derived streams. Derive a stream that is a filtered result. We don't provide a pull down to select the date range directly in a dashboard widget. The range can be selected via the widget edit options.
Sending POST data ctmorrison 2 1 yearctmorrison (10): OK...I may have figured it out. From one of your examples, I noticed the "content-type" header being specified and tried it. It appears to have worked. Still testing.....
Derivations - current period ctmorrison 5 1 yearctmorrison (10): Sorry -- forgot all about this. What I want is the current cycle of the stream being derived. I'm trying to use the "latency" feature of the digital widgets and turn them white and set them to zero when the data is more than 30 minutes old. I've done this countless times in the past, but I may have switched from Interval Streams to Streams without understanding this impact.
Send URL in email notification fixingthingsguy 4 1 yearfixingthingsguy (4): Thanks for the precise steps. Works just like you documented. And I also have noted the way to get around any IT restrictions on sending URLs to use when the situation arises. Regards
Pivot Table Beta MikeMills 5 1 yearMikeMills (130): @christnufc - Sorry for the long delay for a reply. We've been thinking about this one and whether we can do a simple enhancement to allow this. It doesn't seem like this is possible today without a significant enhancement by us.
Derivation - Treat Nulls as Zero MikeMills 1 1 yearMikeMills (130): A new setting has been added that allows Nulls to be treated as zero within the derivation runtime: "Treat Nulls As Zero" Prior to this setting, many derivation expressions had to use the IsNull(..) function to handle nulls properly. This new setting simplifies expressions by avoiding the IsNull(..) call. If the dependent stream is a string, then...
problem with the example webhook and monnit davidaguilar 8 1 yearMikeMills (130): Did you read the Troubleshooting part of the GS/Monnit tutorial? From the Troubleshooting section: "Ensure the iMonnit webhook is pushing data to GroveStreams by clicking the More button on the iMonnit webhook page. Click a transaction on the same page to determine if the transaction was successful or not." Do you see any transactions on this page? Are they successful?
ERROR: Maps is not retaining the current macedo123 3 1 yearMikeMills (130): Patch applied. You might have to hit ctrl-F5 (chrome) to refresh your cache to pickup the change.
green button data evil_v 5 1 yearMikeMills (130): Haven't gotten that many requests. Is this something you would use for your own use like monitoring your home or are you a business that would use if for thousands of homes? - that would give us incentive :)
Organization Backup and Restore MikeMills 3 1 yearMikeMills (130): The size of the backup file is being added onto billing I/O. Some download sizes are approaching 1GB. We are reviewing the billing model around backups as the cost of doing a single backup can be cost prohibitive for customers.
Local timestamp (or age) of last sample ctmorrison 2 1 yearMikeMills (130): We only return epoch millis. You're phone app programming language should have an api that allows you to convert/format it into your local time with the TimeZone of the user's phone. Yes, create a derived point stream (value type DATE) and derived from the source stream and set the value to one of these: SAMPLE_TIME: The time of the regular stream sample being calculated in epoch Milliseconds. SAMPLE_SDTIME: The start date time of the...
Time filter question ctmorrison 2 1 yearMikeMills (130): It appears the time filter is ignored for repeat alerts. This would be a bug.
synch mult stream to single time series tabl micromet 4 1 yearmicromet (1): that worked, thanks
particle electron example for multiple vars micromet 6 2 yearsMikeMills (130): 401 usually indicates an authentication error. I wonder if your large string was assembled incorrectly and GS couldn't parse out the api_key. GS allows for very large strings. Was there an error inside your GS Organization System notifications? If so, can you post it? If not, then GS couldn't extract the api_key from the URL or the URL was corrupt. Email me the api_key and I'll search our logs to see if it even made it to our servers and if...
Calculate value at specific time of day micl78 5 2 yearsMikeMills (130): I just can't remember if the result will have a time of the beginning of the interval or the end of the interval. You still might want to use a DAY Interval stream for the derived stream.
Changing stream from "natural" to derived ctmorrison 3 2 yearsctmorrison (10): Sweet! I assumed so, but I hate to assume.
Table Colors nsiegfried 2 2 yearsMikeMills (130): This table's style can change: