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Latest Changes MikeMills 205 2 daysMikeMills (133): * Organizations can now mandate longer passwords * Last "5" passwords not allowed * "30" minute lockout after several password failures
New Sign-In Options MikeMills 2 2 daysMikeMills (133): Tweaked: * Organizations can now mandate longer passwords * Last "5" passwords not allowed * "30" minute lockout after several password failures
SmartThings Integration Broken MikeMills 1 13 daysMikeMills (133): Several users have reported that SmartThings has changed in a way that has broken our SmartThings integration example/tutorial. We haven't had time to investigate this yet, but if anyone has figured out another new way to push data from ST into GS, please post it. Thanks!
GS SQL Leaves Beta MikeMills 1 16 daysMikeMills (133): The complexity of querying time-series data with standard SQL can be overwhelming and come with performance bottlenecks. That's why we designed our own structured query language, based on standard SQL, but with extensions, to give you the tools to accomplish your tasks easily and quickly. GS SQL is accessible to Business Pro and Enterprise pricing plan customers. Create your organization GS SQL index table to get started within the...
New Password Requirements MikeMills 1 16 daysMikeMills (133): New or updated passwords must now meet these criteria: - Minimum password length (characters): 8 - Contain characters from three of the following four categories: * English uppercase characters (A through Z) * English lowercase characters (a through z) * Base 10 digits (0 through 9) * Non-alphabetic characters (for example, !, $, #, %) - The past three passwords cannot be reused. - After 5 incorrect password attempts, the user...
User Administration JLS 2 4 monthsMikeMills (133): Not today, but it seems useful, so we are adding the Last Sign In date/time to the Organization Users list in Observation studio in the next patch.
Long Story fixingthingsguy 2 10 monthsMikeMills (133): MQTT is on the roadmap. We've been waiting for someone to request it. We can slam it in if it's not too much work or doesn't require adding servers (at least initially). I'll send you a private message in the forum.
GS SQL Query Objects MikeMills 1 10 monthsMikeMills (133): We have created Query objects that are located under the tools tab: Queries are useful for long running GS SQL (displaying cached results are fast), queries with large result sets, queries that need to be run at a certain time. Queries can be defined, saved, secured, and scheduled. Results are cached on the server...
Chart with X-axis spaced according to timestamp, not equal spacing Nahanni 2 10 monthsMikeMills (133): I think you need to fill the spaces between with time/values to get what you're after. I'm guessing you're graphing a Regular stream. You could graph an Interval stream to fill all of those missing times. An interval stream has a value for all time intervals. Your in-between intervals will be null since there is no actual value. Your stream definition has a default rollup calendar. It's cycle intervals will show in the line chart dashboard...
GET feedrequest for specific streams Jefft41 10 2 yearsJefft41 (1): I'll give that a try. Thanks Mike!
GET Request to get data from all streams and components giorgos 2 2 yearsMikeMills (133): Try doing this: * Get a list of all components. See GET Component: * Loop over components and get all the meta data for each component stream. The meta data will include the startDate and endDate of each stream. See Get Component/{uid}?forQuickView. Set the startDate and endDate both to zero to prevent bringing back samples: * Now loop...
Smartthings integration Josephny 2 2 yearsMikeMills (133): I don't think there is an simple "auto-populate" way to do it. We have this tutorial: That tutorial is getting old and may not be accurate anymore.
Error A JSONObject text must begin with '{' at character 1 pat 3 2 yearsMikeMills (133): The JSON format looks correct. The error seems to indicate that what is being passed to our JSON decoder doesn't start with a "{". My guess is either nothing is being passed in or the first character is a hidden character you're not seeing in an editor such as the encoding token. You might want to use an editor that displays all hidden tokens to make sure. Check your system notifications and see if the error includes the JSON...
Plot multiple components on the same map pat 2 2 yearsMikeMills (133): There are two map widgets to select from. One that only tracks one component and another that tracks all of the components within the viewable area (bounding box). Does the bounding box map widget do what you want?
unexpected change in graph line from step to "direct"/non-step ero4444 3 3 yearsero4444 (1): I see what is happening now. The COV/change-of-value/resolution was 1.0F, now it is 0.1F. If I had zoomed in enough then I would see the steps, and the of course all the unexpected stream values are in in its table. The change must have occurred to only certain device types and their streams. Thanks for listening.
Downloading Data at Different Intervals MThomas 14 3 yearsMikeMills (133): Can't think of another way today except for having the device upload every minute. Gap Filling only fills gaps as data comes in. We're working on a solution that will gap fill as data is queried for, but that will not be available for months.
How to get an alert if door is opened for more than 45 seconds ? pat 2 3 yearsMikeMills (133): You will have to user derived streams and get a derived stream to derive automatically at the current time. See this thread: Also search for "kicker" in the forum. Your logic can compare the source stream for a 1 and track the SAMPLE_TIME. Then use time()-SAMPLE_TIME to get the number of milliseconds that have passed. Setup an event/alert on the derived...
Backup Orgaization Python Script MikeMills 3 3 yearsMikeMills (133): One of the User's Groups must have Manage Exports capability and the user/group must have Traverse rights for the content store folders and objects (Components, Content, Tools) they are backing up. Right click on the store folders, choose properties, and check the security tab. Aren't there errors in the Org's System Notifications when the zip file is empty? We did some work in this area last week to improve backup times. We could've...
MMS notification jcb 5 3 yearsMikeMills (133): GS now supports storing of files within streams. Links to those files can be included in notifications.
action package web ui mleader_se 2 3 yearsMikeMills (133): 1. Right click on the component and choose Edit 2. Select the Event 3. Select the Action Package Hope that helps.
Best way to temporary stop access to Grovestreams pat 2 3 yearsMikeMills (133): You can only restrict access to organizations and there's no easy way to popup a message. That being said... If I were to do it today, this is what I'd do: 1. Create a User Group with no Capabilities and add all users to that group. Remove them from other groups. 2. If you subscribe with the "Business Pro" plan, you could also add the Group to each Root folder and Deny Traverse rights. Instead of a Popup, you could possibly rename...
Derivation changes. MikeMills 1 3 yearsMikeMills (133): * Auto Recalc on any derivation changes: Derived streams will be totally recalculated when this switch is on and any changes to derivation settings change including variables and the expression. * Reconcile Lock on Component Template Streams. Lock this in the Template editor. When reconciling (for pricing plans that support this), the component reference will...
Removed Component Studio MikeMills 1 3 yearsMikeMills (133): All component studio objects have been moved into Observation Studio under a 3rd content store called "Tools". User/Group security can be set on all Tools folders if your pricing plan supports role based security.
OAuth 2.0 Authorization code grant? glyde_lab651 3 3 yearsMikeMills (133): We've done this. OAuth 2.0 authorization is a good way to not hard code an api_key on devices. With OAuth 2.0, a device gets registered by the user and it holds onto an authorization token and a refresh token and uses those for secure access api calls. Amazon Alexa now uses our OAuth 2.0 authorization servers. More information here:
Add/Remove Action Event via API MThomas 2 3 yearsMikeMills (133): Yes. Many of our APIs are documented but the best way to know and learn them is through the Web UI since it is built with the API. Open Chrome, Hit F12, watch the Network debug tab to see api calls made and what is returned (Usually JSON). Watch the calls made while performing them in the UI such as creating or editing an event action on an event action package.
Send URL in email notification fixingthingsguy 6 3 yearsMikeMills (133): Email sending has been slow lately (like 20 minutes to get an email). We use an Amazon AWS email service and it started throttling us lately because our daily email numbers are becoming large. We've put in a request to increase our Amazon email quotas. It should be resolved soon.
API to enable a trigger pat 4 3 yearsMikeMills (133): Yes, the whole definition.
API excpetion speedyspeed 2 4 yearsMikeMills (133): Which dashboard widget is causing this? How many streams are in that widget? How many streams have an "Apply Expression" set?
Improved Mobile Website Navigation MikeMills 1 4 yearsMikeMills (133): Added a navigation selection list after entering an org from within the Mobile website: Added security Group capabilities to restrict what Mobile users see in the list of options: If there is only one capability option selected, then the navigation screen will be bypassed and the user...
Apply the Same Dashboard to Multiple Components MikeMills 1 4 yearsMikeMills (133): A common dashboard can be associated with many components within the Component Definition: The dashboard will be displayed when a component is viewed within the GS Mobile website (instead of the default component/stream viewer). When the dashboard is viewed by choosing a component: * All of the streams within the dashboard will be replaced by streams within the...
File Stream - Download in Chunks MikeMills 10 4 yearscrevicedweller (1): Cancelled post
Graph cumulative data tokp 4 4 yearstokp (1): Perfect, got it to work as long as I used the reset cycle set to none which is fine since I can reset every year. "To force the Derived stream to fully recalculate - right click on it and select "Delete all time series data". Then wait for a minute or so." - I am glad you included that, I have been waiting a day to see data come in to check my derivations. Resetting speeds up my testing a lot! Thanks for your help
Calculate dT/dt Terp 4 4 yearsMikeMills (133): @Trakk "And the last temperature logged at those times." Getting the last temp for the Day or Hour is easy. Choose a Day, or Hour, cycle with the LAST function. This will return the last sample value for that cycle. You can choose Cycles and functions (min,max,sum,last, ...) in Dashboard widgets or in a derived stream expression. "I want to be able to get the total on time each hour of the day." I'm still thinking about...
Data storage period fisa7 2 4 yearsMikeMills (133): Unlimited time if configured correctly. Data retention will default to 2 years via the "Delete Profile" selected by a Stream's definition. Change the Delete Profile to retain the data longer: 1. Edit the component, choose the stream, select a different Delete Profile 2. Change the new-stream-default: Admin-Organization-General Settings-New Stream Defaults
dashboard/graph/settings/data/"apply expression" to stream of binary. ero4444 3 4 yearsero4444 (1): yep that did it. Thanks - I missed the title in the property box, "!value" works for my purpose.
particle electron example for multiple vars micromet 19 4 yearstokp (1): Bingo, I had a space between 'comp' and 'id'. Data is coming through now. Thanks for your help!
Derivation error - why? ctmorrison 4 4 yearsctmorrison (10): Not what I was doing -- at least I had no intention of doing this. The new stream I created looked identical in all ways to the one that was throwing errors. Kind of academic at this point -- I already deleted the "bad" streams. Thanks
Event stream change? ctmorrison 3 4 yearsctmorrison (10): Hmmm...I had already fixed the issue to avoid nuisance alerts, but I still am uncomfortable with what happened. We'll see if it happens again.
Import data from and old component to a new component pat 3 4 yearspat (1): HI, Yes sorry for that question. It was because I had a component_template filled in one case and not in the other case. So it was creating a new component instead of feeding the previous one. -> Method 1 is the good one ! Thanks
Local SQL database edwar210 2 4 yearsMikeMills (133): You'd have to use our API to pull from GS and Push into a SQL database. Or if the SQL database has some kind of HTTP interface, you could setup a stream data Arrival event to make the HTTP call with the new data into SQL.
Smartthings API errors TravCam 3 4 yearsTravCam (1): Actually, my issue began on organization setup... I didn't have those API options because I apparently selected No Blueprint in advanced tab. Deleted my org and followed defaults and then the proper API options materialized... Thanks!
Display Last Sample Time Josephny 5 4 yearsMikeMills (133): You can't edit it in the mobile site anymore? Did you attempt to edit it in the studio and save it? If so, it will corrupt the dashboard.
my esp8266 code doesn't work nab96 2 4 yearsMikeMills (133): Use GS API tracing to see if your call is even making it to your GS organization. Also, check your organization System Notifications for any errors. Our web server logs indicate that your call is not even making it to our web servers. This can indicate several potential problems: 1) Your URL is not formatted correctly. Trace it out to the debug console window and paste it into a URL validator website to ensure it is a valid URL. 2) Your board...
Uploading historical data via PHP JoEmbedded 2 4 yearsMikeMills (133): I think Unsupported Media type means the content-type header needs to be set. Try setting the header: content-type:application/json Here's a GS Python example:
ESP8266 PUT method doesn't work The_Doctor 4 4 yearssfm (1): can I have the code for uploading data with ESP8266, please?
Create component from Template crevicedweller 3 4 yearsMikeMills (133): To create a component with all of its known streams at the same time when a component makes its first call, just set the compTmplId parameter. If you want to create a new stream based on a template stream after a component has already been created use both of these parameters in the URL: dtId dsId From : These parameters are used to dynamically create streams for a component if they do not...
streamID name rules crevicedweller 5 4 yearscrevicedweller (1): That fixed it. I just replaced the spaces with a + character and it works. Thanks much.
ERROR: Could not locate matching endDate macedo123 16 4 yearsEwmgomes (1): Yes, I updated all cycle date.
Stream Data I/O blocked even though no data was sent Eugene 2 4 yearsMikeMills (133): All I/O is considered. This includes when you leave a dashboard open with a fast polling rate. See this thread: Email us at our info or support email address (include your GS account email address) and we'll reset you're data I/O so you can keep going.
Issue with rollup chart JChristensen 6 4 yearsJChristensen (1): Chart looks fine now. Thanks a bunch, Mike!