GroveStreams users, we have listened to your feedback. In an effort to provide additional functionality and simplify the use of GroveStreams, we have improved the capabilities of the Random stream with functionality from the Interval Stream tool set. The new stream is now the system default stream and is referred to as just Stream.

This new Stream has the base capabilities of the discontinued Random stream with the added ability to assign a base cycle and a rollup calendar as part of its model definition. Rollup statistics will be pre-calculated and saved as data arrives and are available for derivation calculations, event detection, graphing, and aggregation just like Interval stream statistics.

Benefits and other enhancements:

* Simplifies the process of deciding what type of stream should be selected while modeling a stream. Streams managing device samples will almost always be a regular stream. Interval streams can still manage device samples too, but they are best used for derived streams.

* Unlike Random streams, you can now select any interval size for rollup statistics for graphing, derivation, events, and aggregation. Rollup statistics are retrieved in milliseconds since they are pre-calculated as data arrives just like Interval streams.

* Sample counts are now available for each cycle within the rollup calendar, giving you the ability to graph or set alerts on the number of sample counts per hour, day, month, or year. (or whatever you define).

* An improved stream viewer gives you the ability to navigate to the start or end of a stream. Each rollup interval start and end date times can now be viewed. The ability to “drill into” previous cycles has also been added by clicking on graph points.

* You no longer need to derive an interval stream from a random stream to get the benefits of both. This reduces the complexity of your logic, and saves application development and processing time.

* Changing the sample frequency no longer requires modeling changes as it did with Interval streams.

This change is backwards compatible and does not require any changes by users unless they would like to take advantage of this new feature. All that you need to do is edit your component and assign a base cycle and a rollup calendar to any existing Random streams to take advantage of this enhancement.

This was a large enhancement that was based upon your feedback. To prepare for this update, we have been re-factoring much of our server logic and changing how stream data is stored over the last several months. We've done extensive testing, but given the size of this enhancement, there will be some bugs introduced. Please notify us if you suspect something is not working properly. We appreciate your help and patience as we work through this process.

Once again, thank you for your feedback and assistance in keeping GroveStreams a leader in bid-data, cloud-based , high-performance Data Analytics Platforms.