In an effort to get new users up and running quickly, we have added the ability to assign some defaults to new streams.

1) Choose Admin - Organization - Organization Settings - New Stream Defaults tab to set stream defaults.

2) A new stream's base cycle, rollup calendar, default rollup method, and the delete profile can be set.

These settings are applied to all new streams created from the studios and from streams that are automatically created when a new feed arrives - one that is not specifying a template.

We will be updating these default settings to our system blueprints so that any new organizations will automatically have these fields set.

The base cycle and rollup calendar within these default settings will be used within the stream viewer for streams that do not have a base cycle or rollup calendar assigned. It is recommended that you set these defaults to ensure a cycle can be selected for any stream being viewed within the stream viewer to allow for zooming in and out.

With this enhancement, new users can sign-up, create an organization, and start feeding data and get up and running quickly without any modeling. We will be simplifying our tutorials over the next few days.