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We've added Information Panels to most of our dashboard widgets. This allows for "extra" information to be displayed with widgets such as:
* Graphics
* Text including instructions
* URL links to other pages or other GS dashboards

If the size of a panel is zero or the HTML body of the panel is empty, then the panel will not be shown. Adding scroll bars or re-sizing bars are optional.

1. Text and Graphics
2. Links to other GroveStreams Dashboards
3. Powered By link in bottom panel. You will be able to remove the Powered By today. But, in the near future, custom branding and the ability to remove our Powered By link will be a pricing package option. More details about this will become available later.

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According to this old post, Powered by Grovestreams link could be removed by default using custom branding.

Is this feature implemented?
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