We have simplified the process of getting your new users up and running quickly while using GroveStreams Branding Groups.

We've added a Users tab to the Branding Group management window. These settings can auto-assign a new user to an organization when using your brand url (i.e. acme.grovestreams.com). The organization can be an existing organization or a new organization created from a blueprint.

- Click on your name in the top right corner and select Account and then the Branding Groups tab
1) Select, or create a new, Branding Group and edit it
2) Select the Users tab.
* Allow Users to Create Organizations: Indicates if the Create a new organization button should be displayed
* When Users Sign Up: Select whether to:
- Do nothing
- Auto-Assign to a new Organization
- Auto-Assign to an Existing Organization
* New Organization Name
* New Organization Owner: Indicate who the owner is
* New Organization Payer: Indicate who will pay GS for the organization
* New Organization Blueprint: The blueprint to create the organization from
3) Click Save to activate your changes

* Select an existing organization to have newly registered users automatically assigned to it