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I have a couple of monoprice motion sensors that also read temps. I added them to the grovestreams smart app but the component didn't show up on the website. I just noticed I received the following notification:

Missing Required Items:

Component Id: Z-Wave Plus Motion/Temp Sensor
Missing Item type: stream
Missing Item Id: temperature

Some feeders will initially assume items exist and if they do not exist will include meta-data in the next upload so that items are automatically created. You will have to take corrective action if this message keeps repeating.

I'm assuming this why they didn't show up. Can someone help me add whatever I need to start tracking the temps?
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Usually GroveStreams will automatically create the component and stream for you. But, the log message is indicating that it is not creating it automatically. Don't know why.

You can still create them manually and see if the data flows into them.

Create a new component:
* Right click on the Components folder and select new component. Give it a Name and set the ID to "Z-Wave Plus Motion/Temp Sensor"
* Right click on the component streams folder and select New Stream. Give it a name, set its Value type to Double, Float, Long, or Integer. Set its ID to: "temperature"

Save the component and wait for samples to arrive.
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It worked for me to set the component ID to the device label from the Smartthings device as shown on the Smartthings develper site. Then, temp and motion streams auto-filled.
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