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We have a garage door in the rear of our building that our techs have left open for extended periods of time and exposed us to the possibility of theft. The owner asked me to put a device on the door to alert us if the door is open for more than 1 hour. So I did and it has worked flawlessly and been very helpful. I have a stream with an event that fires if it sees the door open for more than 3600 seconds (1 hour). I also have a time filter so that the event only runs from 6A-7P M-F and a delivery frequency of 3600 (1 hour) to keep reminding us if the door is still open.

Here's the scenario. The door was opened at 5:23P. At 6:23P we received an alert message as expected. The door was closed at 7:15P, but we received alert messages at 7:23P and at 8:23P, so I disabled the event to prevent it from repeating all night.

My thought is that the time filter kept the stop trigger action package from firing (as well as stopping the repeat). Does this make sense?

I'm somewhat unclear at this point in time as to why I even have a time filter on the event, so I'll likely remove that. I believe it was there so I could have another event that would fire immediately if the door was opened "after hours" instead of waiting a full hour.
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It appears the time filter is ignored for repeat alerts. This would be a bug.
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