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We've improved Backup and Restore capabilities for your organizations:

WARNING!!!! This functionality is in Beta. Your feedback is important as we shake it out. It is built to allow you to backup a live organization and restore back into the same live organization or into any other organization. Do not attempt to restore a backup into a live organization unless it is very urgent as this is a new feature and could contain bugs that may wipe out your entire production organization. If you restore to a different organization, all underlying UIDs will change including the secret api_keys. IDs will remain the same.

A new Stream Import Profile was also created for this project: "gs.importGsStreams". This format is the same file format that Stream Export uses. You can now easily import an exported stream file.

The new backup feature will download one .zip file into your browser's download directory. The .zip file contains a blueprint of your organization and a stream export file for each component. We expect this file to be very large for large organizations.

It can be a lengthy process to backup a large organization. Any temporary internet drops during the process will end the backup.
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We have not yet successfully backed up and downloaded a large organization. Internet hiccups cancel the operation. Has anyone successfully backed up a large organization?

We are considering allowing backup files to reside in our cloud (or maybe an external cloud?). Users could select one and download it or restore from it. This feature would probably only be available for the Business Pro and Enterprise pricing plans.
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The size of the backup file is being added onto billing I/O. Some download sizes are approaching 1GB. We are reviewing the billing model around backups as the cost of doing a single backup can be cost prohibitive for customers.
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