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Is there a method to enable the user to select parameters to filter the data into a table.
For example -> All records over a date range and Specific record types over a date range.

For example, my application will have data from Vehicles that contains the logs of events happening on the vehicle, the data will have a date/time stamp for when the record is created, a Vehicle ID, Type of Event and Event Action ID.

I would like to be able to have a pull down or some control to select a date range, then all or specific vehicle ID and/or event Type and/or Event action ID.
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Take a look at the pivot table widget too. It allows for some filtering and sorting.

Filtering can also be done via derived streams. Derive a stream that is a filtered result.

We don't provide a pull down to select the date range directly in a dashboard widget. The range can be selected via the widget edit options.
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