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I would like to be able to graph the total amount of propane gas used in the past 30 days.

I have a stream for % of propane tank remaining (1000 gallon tank) so converting from % of tank remaining to gallons remaining is available.

But I'm stuck on how to refer to a reading 30 days back to do the math (%remaining-30-days-ago minus %remaining-latest-value).


Thank you!

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Yes, possible.

If you are asking to graph the daily amount Remaining this is how you can do it:

- Edit the widget (click the menu button in its header)
- On the first tab, select Range Type Heartbeat; View Last 30;
- On the data tab, select the stream; Select Day for cycle; Select Last for the Statistic. This will cause the graph to display the ending % for each day
- On the same data tab, select the stream; On the properties panel, edit eval (or Apply Expression); Enter: 1000-value*1000 or if you like algebra: 1000*(1-value)

The eval assumes your percent is a decimal between zero and one. Tweak it if it is between zero and 100.

Let me know if it is doing what you want.
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