Best way to temporary stop access to Grovestreams523

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What is the fastest and best way to temporary stop access for all users (admin and others users) to the Grovestreams web portal ?

After it should be easy to put access back on the portal.

Is it possible to put a message meanwhile (for the dashboards, components and in general the portal ) ?

Thank you,
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You can only restrict access to organizations and there's no easy way to popup a message. That being said...

If I were to do it today, this is what I'd do:
1. Create a User Group with no Capabilities and add all users to that group. Remove them from other groups.

2. If you subscribe with the "Business Pro" plan, you could also add the Group to each Root folder and Deny Traverse rights.

Instead of a Popup, you could possibly rename your org to something like "Acme - Currently undergoing Maintenance"
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