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Is there a way to get a specific list of streams?
The "PUT feed (No JSON Body)" allows me to build a PUT for a list of feeds:
PUT /api/feed?compId=<compid>&compTmplId=Grill&compName=<compname>&api_key=<apikey>&Auger=25&RTDTemp=377&Current+Grill+Temp=321&Wifi+Signal=-50

Is there a GET equivalent to this? Possibly something like this:

GET /api/feed?compId=<compid>&compTmplId=Grill&compName=<compname>&api_key=<apikey>&Auger&RTDTemp&Current+Grill+Temp&Wifi+Signal

that would retrieve a specific list of feeds?

I've tried the
GET /api/comp/<comp>/last_value?retStreamId&api_key=<apikey>

but this returns all feeds, which is more than my receive buffer can handle. I've also tried the "limit" parameter to try to receive this list in gulps, but there's no way to get the next gulp. This request doesn't have a "start" parameter to tell it to send the next set of feeds, it always starts at the first feed even if I try to include a "start" parameter (kind of like the GET file request does).


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I'm looking for the latest feed for a list of streams, not for a list of feeds.


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Try looking at the advanced api GET Feed:

For the items parameter, you can use IDs instead of UIDs. Ensure they are URL encoded.

Set the startDate equal to the endDate to only get the last value back.
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Hi Mike,
I'll take a look.
I've found a workaround using the "PUT feed (No JSON Body)".
I can build an URL using the rsid command for each item I need,
and write a single dummy item. This returns the list that I need.
This doesn't return timestamps, but I don't require them.

Our design doesn't have a real-time clock, and doesn't store the date and time, so the startDate and endDate might be a problem.


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