GET Request to get data from all streams and components533

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I am trying to retrive the history of data from startDate to endDate for all components and streams.

I tested with xxxxx

which is based on the instructions and no data are retrieved.

Can you please help me? Do i have to provide the item IDs for all components and streams available?
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Try doing this:

* Get a list of all components. See GET Component:

* Loop over components and get all the meta data for each component stream. The meta data will include the startDate and endDate of each stream. See Get Component/{uid}?forQuickView. Set the startDate and endDate both to zero to prevent bringing back samples:

* Now loop over each stream and make a batch stream call to get all of the samples. Include the UIDs or IDs and the proper dates in the call. See

You could simplify this by setting the startDate to the MIN_LONG time and setting the endDate to the MAX_LONG java amounts if all of your streams are Regular streams in step 2. This will not work for Interval streams.
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