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I tried out *** for tracking my devices, and they use MQTT which I find very handy, mostly because I know how to use it.
Thats the good part.
The difficult part with *** is they are "industrial strength", and its very hard to figure out things, requires a lot of alertness,scanning websites, etc.
So, my experience with GS has been very good. Tracking of data is a piece of cake, try that on ***! ie. for a non-coder type.

I'm wondering if you might down the line set up MQTT on your platform. With the ease of using streams, it would be very handy to use for low volume, not industrial strength types.
If you are interested, let me know and I will call to explain what I've been doing on ***.

The name of the company is blanked out, because it's probably unfair of me to criticize them when I probably am not suited/trained to work on their platform.
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MQTT is on the roadmap. We've been waiting for someone to request it. We can slam it in if it's not too much work or doesn't require adding servers (at least initially).

I'll send you a private message in the forum.
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