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We have added a new table widget. The table widget displays a fixed time range or a set of the latest samples for one or more streams within a table.

The table widget has been designed to allow users to customize the look of the table.

Like most GroveStreams widgets, it can be embedded and its data can be exported. This widget will export the data in the format that is being viewed. Settings include the ability to ignore unit formatting, apply multipliers, and custom date formatting. This widget should be a great tool for exporting multiple streams in a desired format.

Select, order, and set the column width for each stream.

Optionally format the date and apply HTML style attributes.

Many customization options.

An example of a table with applied HTML styles.

We're considering this widget to be in Beta mode. Let us know if you're experiencing any problems with it.

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I am using this table and works great for me and the people I share data with.
Of course, as a user, I want more features!!
For example, is there a way to color code data based on a criteria. ie if door = o (open), color box Red or color letter 'o' in Red. Could that be done in the html style section.
I am looking to see if this is possible in Grovestreams, or are there alternative ways to do that, such as requiring html/javascript programming.
Thanks for any ideas.
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No way to do that today, but we've been asked about the color change capability by other users too. We'll look into it.
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