We have added some capabilities to better manage user interface transactions.

If you are an organization owner or manager, you can enter your organization, click on the Admin button, choose Organization - General Settings, and select the Transaction Management tab to edit:
- Default Widget Polling Amount (seconds):
This value will be used as the default widget and map polling amount for all new widgets and maps within this organization. It can be set to 0, which indicates to not do any polling.
- Smallest Allowed Widget Polling Amount (seconds): This is the smallest polling amount the users of the organization can set polling to. Users will not see the polling field if this is set to 0 and no polling will take place.

Other items we have changed around this enhancement:
- The above settings can be changed for existing widgets and maps. If the org "allowed widget polling amount" is greater than an existing widget or map setting, the "allowed widget polling amount" will be used. This is a great way to throttle back existing widgets and maps. Opened widgets and maps will need to be closed and reopened for the new allowed limit to be enforced.
- All new organizations will now default to having default polling value set to 0 seconds (no polling) and a minimum allowed of 5 seconds (note that even though the minimum is 5 seconds, we still allow a setting of 0).
- New organization blueprints will contain organization constraint settings.
- All widgets and maps now support setting polling to 0 for "no polling".
- A refresh button has been added to dashboard so that all widgets can be refreshed at the same time.