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We've created an example that demonstrates uploading Electric Imp data into GroveStreams.

The example can be found here:

Many of our users like Electric Imp devices and concepts. They are reliable, easy to setup and configure, and there are a lot of examples on the web. I like the ability to write your device code in the Electric Imp cloud and then deploy it to the device from there. This makes updating device code, while a device is in the field, easy to do.

Electric Imp has a nice command framework. You simply make an http call to the Electric Imp cloud and your command is forwarded to your device.

I can see why many of our users are liking Electric Imp.

Enjoy! We welcome feedback...
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Well, technically, the http call is forwarded to the device's agent which will process it as you choose and can send something on to the device if you desire. This makes the platform even more flexible! The heavy hauling can happen at the agent and the device can be streamlined to what is done best on that platform.
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Having the agent handle the command makes sense. Another great concept from the Electric Imp folks. Thanks for clarifying this!
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